Remote Healing

What is remote healing?

Remote healing is a form of positive energy transmitted across time and space and is received as healing energy upon the recipient. With this type of work, the recipient does not have to be physically present in the same room to receive its benefits. This energetic healing process works through the principles of quantum physics known as “quantum entanglement”. Atoms are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them.

I call this method of healing a “Higher-Self Healing’ and it works brilliantly with babies, children, and teenagers and is completely safe. It is effective because, in its holistic approach, we are working with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the individual’s whole energy field. This energy can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time.

Quantum Physics

Modern science is beginning to understand and explain what ancient shamans and practitioners of holistic medicine have known for millennia. That time is not linear, nor is it fixed. Time is fluid and flows both forwards and backward simultaneously. Science is also revealing that space or “distance” between objects is not separate as they may seem. We may experience things as being separate but everything is connected in the ‘quantum field’. This is a huge shift in our perception and has given rise to new discoveries that explain how interconnection and communication between all things are possible.

How I work

I receive an email from a parent with an outline about their child’s symptoms or challenges and I use a muscle testing method in the energy field to identify the root cause of their disharmony. I refer to prepared lists and tables for guidance and healing options. I use my own energy and consciousness to stand in for the child and then apply the needed healing. Since our energy fields are interconnected what is applied to me is simultaneously applied to the energy field of the child. It doesn’t matter where they are physically in the world as our energy fields are interconnected.

This ‘Higher-Self Healing’ is a simple, reliable way of revealing and soothing the root cause of anxieties. Parents consistently report life-changing improvements after just one session. I have been working this way for many years and it is a rewarding aspect of my practice. The feedback I receive is humbling and fuels my inquisitive nature to explore the extraordinary capacities of self-healing we all have available to us.

Books to explore on this subject are The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden, The Placebo Effect by Joe Dispenza.

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When the nervous system is over-stimulated, you are bound to feel unsafe in your body, unsupported by the world, lost, disconnected, unable to make wise decisive choices, and without direction in your life. As the nervous system unwinds, your attention expands to dissolve self-doubt, to enhance your interest in listening and to guide you toward the most inspired choices that are always in reach

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